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Domain Registration

Domain names need to be renewed annually. Xneelo charges R89/year for a co.za domain. However, its included in the annual fee of R950. Allow me to advise you on the best domain name. Acronyms are rarely a good idea. Long domain names can be good. Especially if they help people understand what service you provide. For example www.capetownsportsmassage.co.za or www.hakunamatatadrivingschool.co.za are long domains but they have served these businesses well. I will buy your domain name on your behalf. I do register other domains like .com and .co.uk but they will be more than R950/year.

Twelve Months of Hosting

I have my own dedicated server with Xneelo. This means your website isn’t on a server that has thousands of other random websites with potentially dubious content or backlinks. In fact, being on a dedicated server should be a bare minimum in my humble opinion. If you want to get your own hosting it would cost you R1188/year at Xneelo but then it’s on a shared server and it doesn’t include a website nor a domain name. However, I include 12 months of hosting in the annual R950 fee. So far, you’ve already saved R327.

Home Page Design

Technically, you’re getting more than one page because I include a few legal pages in the footer menu. But, having 4 total pages for a website (typically Home, About, Services & Contact) makes little sense. Most visitors do so from their mobile. You need to say what you do, who you are, how much you charge and how to contact you within one scrolling session. Very few people will navigate a menu on a phone trying to get the info they need. They simply leave the website. It takes research, hours of pondering and constant iterations to create a fabulous home page (at least 8 hours). At the minimum rate of R250/h for web design, this means another R2000 savings.

Professional Footer Menu

Footer Menus have become super important. When scrolling, you often end up at the bottom of the page. What should be there and how can you capitilize on it’s significance? Firstly, you must have your legals sorted ie Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. This covers you in the unlikely but unfortunate event of a legal dispute. Secondly, you might have more detailed information that could be very useful to your future potential clients. R950 includes the legal pages but not the content intensive informational pages you might wish to add. My hourly rate is only R150 for clients who host with me. So you save at least R100/h should you need additional pages.

Mobile Focused Website

Google has a “mobile first” policy. So many people will visit your website from their mobile phone that this policy makes sense. I design websites with mobile visitors in mind. The user experience is quite different from visiting a website from a laptop or pc. There isn’y a mouse hovering left and right, darting and clicking. Scrolling down is the mechanism that everybody engages in. And most won’t easily click on a button or a CTA until they’re sure they are where they need to be. Once a visitor is sure you are who they need, they are more likely to engage. In other words, your website has to get to the point quickly. Leave no doubt as to the service you provide.

Google Search Indexing

Indexing is crucial because if your website isn’t indexed, it’s like a library book nobody can find. Google Search Console (GSC) is like a library catalog for your website. It helps Google discover your website and understand your content. You can request indexing for new or updated pages: With GSC, you can tell Google to take a look at new pages or ones you’ve updated, just like bringing a new book to the librarian and asking them to add it to the catalog. Basically, indexing means your website is in Google’s search library. GSC helps you make sure Google knows your website exists and understands what it’s about.

Https Browser Protection 

Google strongly prefers websites that do have it for a few reasons: Security: HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It adds a layer of encryption that scrambles information going between your computer and the website. This makes it much harder for someone to eavesdrop and steal sensitive information like passwords or credit card details. Because HTTPS encrypts data, it shows users that the website takes security seriously. Browsers also display a warning for websites without HTTPS, which can scare users away. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Google actually gives a slight ranking boost to websites with HTTPS in search results. So, having HTTPS can help your website show up higher in search results.

Microdata Schema Markup 

Microdata Schema Markup acts like a translator for search engines. It uses HTML tags and attributes to highlight important details on your webpage in a way that browsers can easily understand. This includes things like the name of your product, the date of an article, or the location of your business. Think of it as adding labels to your content. By providing these clear labels, you’re helping search engines grasp the key information on your webpage. This allows them to better categorize and index your content, making it more discoverable by users. Schema.org was created in 2011 through a collaborative effort between major search engines:Google, Bing, Yahoo, and later joined by Yandex (the dominant search engine in Russia). Their goal was to establish a common vocabulary for website owners to use when marking up their content.

On-Page + Local SEO

To ensure your website is of a premium standard, you need to consider both the content itself and how users (and search engines) experience it. This means creating high-quality, informative content optimized with relevant keywords, structuring your website for easy navigation, and ensuring it’s mobile-focused. For local businesses, claiming your Google My Business profile and encouraging positive reviews are essential, along with content that speaks to your local audience. Finally, image descriptions (alt tags etc) and schema markup help search engines fully understand what your website is about, both globally and locally. 

Embedded WhatsApp Button 

Embedding a WhatsApp button on your website offers a one-click connection for users, leading to faster communication, higher engagement, and smoother conversion into sales or leads. It fosters trust by showcasing your accessibility and allows for personalized interactions that build brand loyalty. As of the third quarter of 2023, around 94% of internet users in South Africa utilize WhatsApp, making it the most popular social media platform in the country. The number of people using phones for social media, basic web searches, and communication is likely very high, potentially exceeding 50% of the population. Up to 20% of entrepreneurs only use their mobile phone for business, meaning they don’t own a pc or laptop.

LinkedIn & GBP Guidance 

My services extend beyond web design. I empower my clients with the knowledge to thrive online by offering complimentary consultations on LinkedIn marketing and Google Business Profile management. While I don’t directly manage these profiles for you, I can guide your optimization efforts, content strategy, and engagement techniques through insightful WhatsApp conversations. Simply send me a voice note, text message or even phone me (all via WhatsApp) and I will share whatever insights I have.

Regular Backend Updates

WordPress Core: Updates are released frequently, sometimes monthly. It’s recommended to install these updates as soon as possible to benefit from the latest security patches and improvements. Themes: Theme updates can vary depending on the theme developer. Some might release updates regularly, while others might update less frequently. It’s a good practice to check for theme updates periodically. Plugins: Similar to themes, plugin update frequency can vary. However, it’s wise to stay updated with critical security patches, so checking for plugin updates regularly is important.

Iterative Subtle Improvements

I’m committed to staying ahead of the curve in website design and development. This translates into a benefit for my clients. Throughout the year, I revisit their websites and implement subtle improvements based on my ever-expanding knowledge. The world of websites is constantly evolving, and a website can always benefit from these optimizations to stay fresh and relevant. In addition, if you ever need to add new pages to your website, I can handle those for you as well. However, it’s important to note that additional pages typically require layout design, content creation, and schema markup, which would incur separate costs.

Free Quick Edits 

I understand that small website updates can come up occassionally. I’m happy to offer complimentary edits for tasks like changing phone numbers, correcting typos and grammatical errors (provided the new content is easily copy-pastable) For more extensive changes or new content creation, I have a very reasonable hourly rate. However, it’s always best to consult with me first about the changes you have in mind. This way, I can provide an accurate quote and ensure I can deliver the best solution for your needs.

Relentless Online Researcher

The web moves fast, and keeping up with the latest trends can feel overwhelming. That’s where I come in! I’m always digging into new things related to web design, SEO, and what Google’s up to these days. Think of me as your online buddy who enjoys exploring the digital landscape. If you have questions or just want to chat about getting started online, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and help point you in the right direction.


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